When placing an order for one of our digital format PDF coloring books, (or downloading any of our FREE coloring books/pages) you are agreeing:

You are buying ONLY the right to color the images for your own personal NON COMMERCIAL use. You are NOT buying the copyrights for the images.

You can NOT resell uncolored images/designs.

You can NOT give away uncolored images/designs.

You can NOT share online (Facebook, Pinterest, Pixabay, Coloring Groups etc.)  uncolored images/designs.

You can NOT claim the images or designs as your own, even if you alter or color them. Coloring someone else's design or image does not make it YOUR design or image.

You can NOT use images or designs (even after you color them) as graphics on any product (shirts, logos, mugs, pillows, books etc..)

You can not give others the rights to these images or designs even after you colored them. For example you can not add them to Pixabay.

You can share your colored pages anywhere as long as you add credits to artist/book title in your post.

You may make as many copies as you want for your own personal use. For example a teacher can NOT make copies for her class.



Note these are digital format coloring books, PDFs. There are no refunds on digital coloring books. Once you downloaded the book, there are no refunds.

If there are issues with the download - Let us know and we will make sure you get the coloring book you ordered. Contact us at