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Learn Hebrew Slang Words & Phrases - Fun and Entertaining Tutorial Book (Digital PDF Book)

Learn Hebrew Slang Words & Phrases - Fun and Entertaining Tutorial Book (Digital PDF Book)

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Learn Hebrew Slang Right Away!

Unique book!! Scan the QR codes to LISTEN to the slang in short video clips.
Let's be
Dugri - THIS IS NOT AN ACADEMIC BOOK, but it's Magniv!!

As a slang book - There are Hebrew/English swear words inside (F words) and similar.

Unlock the vibrant world of Hebrew slang with this entertaining and informative book!
Dive into a collection of 101 colorful and popular Hebrew slang phrases, each bursting with cultural nuances and contemporary expressions.
Who is
Abu-Ali? What does it mean to Knock the Faucet? Haval Al Hazman?

Enjoy 170 Pages!

From everyday conversation to humorous idioms, this entertaining guide offers a playful exploration of Hebrew's hidden linguistic gems. Discover the meanings, origins, and usage of each slang phrase, accompanied by lively examples and witty anecdotes.

This Book Includes:

  • 101 popular Hebrew slang words and phrases
  • 30 quizzes related to the slang
  • 2 slang word-search puzzles

Whether you're a language enthusiast, a traveler, or simply looking to spice up your Hebrew skills, this book will have you laughing, learning, and confidently navigating Israeli slang in no time!

Enough to
Eat The Head, see you inside.

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Yalla Bye.

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